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Roger Davidson

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One of Allen's earliest comedies, this movie is, for all practical purposes, a tribute to the silent screen comics of yesterday. The story follows a man (Allen of course) who has been frozen since 1973, and who wakes up 200 years into the future. The future he wakes up to is George Orwell's worst nightmare come true. Allen gets himself into all sorts of trouble, until he is forced into becoming an unexpected rebel hero, sent to destroy fascist ruled 22nd century America. The results end up being enormously funny!

One of the best Allen has ever done, this was the last film of his that used slapstick, instead of his usual "intellectual" humor. The film is low budget, but there is a lot Allen does with this mini-project. His antics on screen bring to mind Buster Keaton in his best days. Diane Keaton, as Allen's futuristic girlfriend, has rarely been better (except in some of the later work she did with Allen). This is the type of film that, even if you're not a fan of Allen's stories, will surely entertain you.

My Rating = Four Stars

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