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Sleep With Me


Roger Davidson

Sleep With Me
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A romantic comedy, that looks at sex, love and marriage in much the same way Sex, Lies and Videotape did. Without the camera of course. The story focuses on three major characters. Joseph (Eric Stoltz) has proposed marriage to his lady love Sarah (Meg Tilly). Stoltz's best friend Frank (Craig Sheffer) decides that this would be the perfect time to profess his love for Tilly. Really bad timing on Sheffer's part! But things may not be as they seem, as we wonder who is really in control of the situation. It's just as confusing for friends, who discuss the effects their behavior is having on one another.

The movie is filmed in a series of vignettes, each written by a different writer, so at times the story goes a little off the track. But it benefits from three terrific lead performances, extremely funny dialogue and some interesting questions raised during the proceedings. It's more interesting than recent "Generation-X" pictures, which are mostly full of mind-numbingly stupid characters, who seem constantly bored (and are at the same time, boring).

My Rating = Three Stars

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