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Roger Davidson

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This is interesting film, based on Kurt Vonnegut's classic novel, about one Billy Pilgrim (Michael Sacks), who becomes "unstuck" in time and space. The story follows Sacks WWII experiences, including the famed fire-bombing of Dresden, as well as his domestic life after the war and his life on the planet Tralfamadore.

Occasionally draggy, but mostly on-target look at the horrors of war and the effects they have on the people who must fight the battles. Sacks is superb in the lead, as well as some of the supporting cast, like Valerie Perrine. Ron Leibman is noteworthy as a deranged American Soldier. The film is not for everyone's taste, and should be recommended to people who are familiar with Vonnegut's work. But it's one of the many interesting and bizarre films that should be seen more than once to be appreciated.

My Rating = Three Stars

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