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Singin' in the Rain


Roger Davidson

Singin' in the Rain
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Not only is this the greatest musical ever made, but also a touching tribute to a Hollywood of a bygone era (the 1920's silent films). Gene Kelly plays a major silent star, who's studio is going through a crisis, thanks to the smash hit "talkie", The Jazz Singer. The next project for Kelly is definitely going to be a talkie, since that seems to be what the public wants. Only things are complicated by the blonde bombshell, Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen, giving her funniest performance to date), a non-talent when it comes to vocal acting; Thanks in part to a screeching voice, that could tear your eardrums apart in two seconds. But a young stage actress (Debbie Reynolds) and Kelly's sidekick (Donald O'Connor) may hold the key to the next film success.

I could name about two dozen scenes in this movie which are pure magic! Kelly performing the title number; O'Connor's uproarious "Make em' laugh" segment; The hilarious projection malfunction at the sneak preview of Hagen and Kelly's new talkie, etc. This is what musicals are and have always been about. Spectacular numbers, great one-liners, funny sight gags, fine dancing and singing performances by the cast and certainly wonderful songs! No matter how many times you see this movie, you'll still want to see it a thousand times more.

My Rating = Four Stars

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