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Roger Davidson

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ATTENTION! I would like to say that all the hoopla about Showgirls is a bunch of bullshit. Despite some good dance numbers, this story of a Vegas stripper (Elizabeth Berkley) who rises from lap-dance to megastar showgirl is a complete waste of time and money. Berkley and Gina Gershon as Berkley's idol, are totally wasted. Kyle Maclachlan plays the entertainment director, who turns his interest away from Gershon and towards Berkley. He's going to need to go back to acting school after this turkey.

It's basically just a high-budget tits-and-ass film. Laughable dialogue and extremely bad acting by Berkley (who did better on her TV show Saved By The Bell) could almost put this into the "So bad, it's good" category. The problem is it's far too sexist, demeaning and ugly to be put in that kind of category. Lines like "Bring me a beer BITCH!" will make this a hated film for years to come. When I went to see it in the theater this past Friday, half the people in the audience walked out on it, even though it was 40 minutes into the movie.

As for Berkley, she should stay away from the big screen. Far away!!! Her high-pitched squeals of joy and her crazy temper tantrums grow tiresome after a while. This is Rated NC-17, though it was definitely made for horny teenagers and college students, or rather, for the males in that group. If films like this keep being made in this day and age, all of Hollywood will be out of a job. Now I want to direct the attention of the teenagers who were planing to sneak in. For those of you who wanted to see it just for the tits-and-ass, I suppose this is the movie for you. Hell, considering your tastes in movies, the sexist statements made in the movie probably won't bother you one bit. But, for those of you who go to see movies to be entertained and to see if there is a message to be found, look for another movie. The only message to be found here is that doing cruel and nasty things will get you to the top.

My Rating = One Star

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