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The Shining


Roger Davidson

Shining, The
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The horror takes place at a hotel in Colorado, where a series of grisly murders took place. Jack Nicholson plays the caretaker of the hotel who, quite quickly, grows insane. He has brought along his wife (Shelley Duvall) and a son who has a special gift of telepathy. The boy becomes friends with the cook (Scatman Crothers) who also has the power to "shine".

The story has plenty of good parts to tide you over (including the famous scene of Jack peering through a door and smiling his maniac smile, saying "Here's Johnny!!!"), some excellent performances by Jack and Danny Lloyd, as the boy, and great cinematography, which includes a scene in a maze covered with snow. There is, however, a lack of emotion for a lot of the characters, seeing as how Duvall's screaming sounds more like whining after awhile. Still, if you are a fan of King's, like I am, than you have got to see this film. It's not the best adaptation I've seen (which would be Carrie), but far from the worst (which would be "Pet Sematary").

My Rating = Three Stars

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