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She's Gotta Have It


Roger Davidson

Don Juan DeMarco
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This film was the very first "Spike Lee Joint". It's the story of a young black woman who has three men in her life and must chose which one is the right man for her. The film is mostly in black and white, with one scene in color, and the technical aspects are good. The acting isn't anything hot, but Lee's script keeps things going along anyway.

The film stars Tracy Camilla Johns as the "She" of the title. Tommy Redmond Hicks plays the most sensitive of the three men. John Canada Terrell plays her upper class boyfriend who is a stuffed shirt and snob. Spike Lee, the director, has the most funny performance of the three. This character, Mars Blackmon, is a street wise guy from Harlem, who is considered a little annoying by the other characters. Lee would later put this character to use in Nike commercials and the cult popularity of this film got him more chances to direct the things he wanted to direct. This film is a long way from Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X, but it is a good start.

My Rating = ThreeStars

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