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Shawshank Redemption


Roger Davidson

Shawshank Redemption
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This was an excellent film. Now, most people thought that when I gave "Forrest Gump" a four-star review, they thought I liked this better than "Pulp Fiction" and "Shawshank". I never said anything of the sort or even hinted towards it. In fact, I think that "Pulp" was robbed of six of the Oscars it should have gotten. This film is about a prisoner (Tim Robbins) wrongly accused of murder who spends 19 years in a hell-hole of a prison. He has one good friend named Red (Morgan Freeman in his best performance ever) who has been in jail longer than Robbins and knows that it doesn't help to keep hoping for a miracle to happen in prison.

The settings, acting, direction and screenplay were excellent and were robbed of the Oscars they should have gotten. It's interesting that Stephen King wrote this, since he does mostly horror novels (except for "Stand By Me", another excellent non-fiction story). This is one of the films you should definitely rent.

Visit the prison (online) where this movie was filmed! Mansfield Reformatory

My Rating = Four Stars

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