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Shadows and Fog


Roger Davidson

Shadows and Fog
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Woody Allen takes on Franz Kafka in one of his few black-and-white screen works. It's an old fashioned mystery that involves a nebbish (take a guess at who plays him), framed for a murder and chased by blood-thirsty mobs. While on the run, he meets up with an assortment of bizarre characters, including a brothel full of weirdo college students, circus people and hookers.

In recent years, it seems Woody has fallen flat on his face. The jokes in here are strained from beginning to end. Plus, the endless cameo appearances make this seem like an episode of The Love Boat. The "nightmarish" cinematography is the only really impressive thing about this whole film. So if you are not a cinematography devotee, save your money for something better.

My Rating = Two Stars

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