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The Shadow


Roger Davidson

The Shadow
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This film is begging to be a great movie. It's got great special effects, a dark brooding atmosphere, a star cast (Alec Baldwin in the title role leading them) and a popular brand name (from the 1930's). The down side to all this is that the special effects are nothing new, the sets (1930's urban scenery) are a rip-off of Batman's Gotham City landscapes. The cast doesn't give stable performances and the popular brand name won't appeal to today's audience. The plot has the famed dark, brooding crime-fighter (Baldwin) from the radio serials, going up against a similar shadow-like villain (John Lone).

I'm sorry to say, I'm sure the old radio hero's appeal died out fifty years ago. The filmakers don't seem to understand that, after years of comic book and radio serial yarns turned into movies, most people will have gotten their fill before they see this one. After the audience takes in this worn-out, dated story, they're likely to burst, simply because they can't take much more of this glop. And you wonder how The Phantom was such a big flop this summer?

My Rating = Two Stars

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