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The Seventh Seal


Roger Davidson

The Seventh Seal
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Swedish director Ingmar Bergman is one of the great masters of European cinema, and this spellbinding fantasy shows you why. The plot takes place in the middle ages, and follows the adventures of a young knight (Max Von Sydow) and his cynical squire (Gunnar Bjornstrand), as they travel across a plague ravaged countryside. They meet various characters, who join them on their journey. Among the travelers, there is an acting troupe (Nils Poppe and Bibi Andersson) and a young peasant girl (Gunnel Lindblom), to whom Bjornstrand takes a fancy. Von Sydow, in the meantime, is trying to cheat death (Bengt Ekerot) in a game of chess. He is losing the game however, and is putting his new found traveling companions in danger as well.

Brilliant in it's storytelling, with excellent visuals to boot. The best performances I've ever seen from Von Sydow, Andersson and especially Bjornstrand, who provides the film with it's few moments of comedy. Ekerot is perfectly creepy as the benevolent Death. Not quite Bergman's masterpiece, but certainly close, you should definitely see this to get the idea of what Bergman's pictures are like.

My Rating = Four Stars

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