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Roger Davidson

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I saw this last week on Halloween and it was the perfect film to see on that particular holiday. A thrilling mystery, involving two detectives (Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman), trying to solve a series of strange murders, patterned after the seven deadly sins. During this time, Pitt and Freeman become good friends and earn each other's respect. Typical buddy-film? Not really. There are some of the usual detective cliches, but it's actually pretty surprising. Pitt is very good, but it's Freeman's presence that is the most powerful. The film is stylishly made. I'd say it's patterned after the old Film Noirs of the Forties and Fifties.

Pitt's real life girlfriend, Gwyneth Paltrow, plays Pitt's wife and turns in a pretty good performance. The film is a psychological thriller in the same vein as Silence of the Lambs and Angel Heart. It's a film that really sinks into memory. Well acted, filmed and directed, Seven is a really scary film, and basically, a very suspenseful mystery.

My Rating = Four Stars

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