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The Seven Samurai


Roger Davidson

The Seven Samurai
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The best non-U.S. film I've ever seen, Akira Kurosawa's The Seven Samurai is action-packed and has become an item for countless directors, from John Sturges to George Lucas. The story is as follows. A small village hires Seven lone warriors to help them protect their village from murderous bandits. the warriors also teach the townspeople to fight and defend themselves. We meet each warrior and get to know what each of them is like. The two best performances come from Takashi Shimura as the eldest and wisest of the warriors, and Toshiro Mifune as a loud-mouth, who says he's a samurai, but is suspiciously hiding something about himself. The cinematography and settings are truly the most stunning things about this film, as is the action.

Kurosawa is one of the best filmakers in the film industry, and he has been studied by film schools across the globe. I have already done a review of a Kurosawa film, Ran, which is just as good as this. If you haven't seen Kurosawa films, but you'd like to, I highly recommend Ran and this film as the top Kurosawa films.

My Rating = Four Stars

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