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School Daze


Roger Davidson

School Daze
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Why this was considered a great piece of work, I can't imagine! This banal comedy from Spike Lee can't seem to get its message across. It takes place around a black college campus in the south, where an extremely serious student (Laurence Fishburne) is fighting a losing battle with not only the administration, but with the students as well, who seem mostly rapped up in mindless fraternity and sorority idiocy.

Well, I can't say that Lee got off on the right foot. His social message and provocative ideas are completely lost in painfully mind-boggling unfunny slapstick, agonizingly dreadful musical numbers (where did he get that nifty idea?!) and boring one-dimensional characters. The only interesting one among them is Fishburne, who usually plays people I can relate to. Ossie Davis has a funny cameo as the gung-ho coach of the college football team. Other than that, I can think of better things for you to do with your time if you're into painful experiences. Like pull your fingernails out with some pliers.

My Rating = Two Stars

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