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Roger Davidson

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Of all the gangster epics that have come out in the past two decades, this is one of the many outstanding achievements of that particular genre. A remake of the 1932 classic, this has been updated to the early 1980's. The new Scarface is Cuban refugee Tony Montana (Al Pacino), whose profession is drug dealing instead of bootlegging (pretty much the same thing). It follows Pacino's rise from a small time hood, to the big boss of Miami. It also follows his violent lifestyle, that will destroy him just as it made him. Michelle Pfeiffer gives one of her first great portrayals, as Pacino's gun moll, who knows when to stay and when to leave a man like Pacino.

The movie is something that would have made Sam Peckinpah proud. Excellent performances by Al Pacino, who gives one of his best performances (next to Michael Corleone and Serpico) to date, as well as by Pfeiffer (as usual), Steven Bauer as Pacino's right-hand man and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Pacino's self-destructive sister. The ending is a wow! A definite masterpiece for director Brian De Palma.

My Rating = Four Stars

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