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Say Anything


Roger Davidson

Say Anything
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Director Cameron Crowe's brilliant look at teenage life, this is one of the most original comedies centered around youth to come out in a long time. John Cusack stars as a confident under-achiever, who wishes to attract the attention of the class brain (Ione Skye). However, he is going after her for her mind, not her body. When he finally gets to go out with her, they both find that they have more in common than they originally thought. Concurrently, Skye is going through a difficult relationship with her father (John Mahoney), who is being prosecuted for tax evasion.

Well-rounded characters, humorous ideas and great performances by Cusack, Skye and Mahoney are what attract your attention to the story. The film is fresh and uniquely original. Crowe does a good job exploring the world of teenage romance, without resorting to stereotypical views of teens and their parents. A must-see for people who like a good romance and dead-on portraits of teenage life.

My Rating = Four Stars

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