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Salem's Lot


Roger Davidson

Salem's Lot
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I found another popular TV-movie, based on Stephen King's novel. Unfortunately, I could only find the edited 112-minute version. I guess that's why it was so unimpressive in it's cut form. First, the story: A writer (David Soul) comes back to his home town to write a book, but instead falls into a pit of hell, filled with vampires. He decides that he must stop the vampires from overrunning the town. However, he has to convince some people first, including his girlfriend (Bonnie Bedelia) and his old teacher (Lew Ayres), who as it turns out, don't need much convincing. They've had their own run-in's with the vampires.

This film was edited badly. Certain plot elements are never explained and the story seems to be hurried along too quickly, so you never really have time to enjoy it. Still, there are some things that are good. James Mason's performance, as the sinister antique dealer is pretty chilling and their are some scary scenes involving the vampires. Perhaps the unedited version is better, but I have to see it to believe it.

My Rating = Two Stars

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