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The Russia House


Roger Davidson

Russia House, The
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An interesting adaptation of John Le Carre's novel, which introduces the audience to the fact that-despite the policy of Glasnost in Russia-the spying business is neither dead nor buried in the world at large. A British book publisher (Sean Connery) gets caught in the espionage game, when a Russian woman (Michelle Pfeiffer) sends him a copy of a book that might expose certain secrets that the Soviet Union does not want to expose.

An intriguing look at the spying game of the present, the story takes some time for you to get into, but it's well worth the wait. Many of the performers give some of their finest roles to date. Connery and Pfeiffer are quite good and have great chemistry with one another. The supporting cast is equally fine. James Fox and notorious director Ken Russell give some standout performances, as two cynical veterans of the British Intelligence, who at times don't take spying all that seriously. Mainly, you should see this if you're in the mood for a good spy yarn.

My Rating = Three Stars

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