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The Running Man


Roger Davidson

Running Man, The
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Of most of Arnold Schwarzenegger's action fare, this is one of his lesser works. It's not a terrible movie, but far from the great Stephen King novel on which it's based. The futuristic story deals with a violent society, where framed Arnold is forced to compete on a TV game show, where convicted felons get a chance for freedom, while being hunted by dangerous killers. If you don't know how this one ends and who wins, then you haven't seen too many action movies.

The movie is completely different from the book, and is far from being suspenseful like the original story. Arnold, though always charismatic, is miscast in the lead role. He's surrounded by one too many sleazy characters, making you feel as if there's no ray of hope throughout the entire movie. The only really good performance belongs to Richard Dawson (host of Family Feud) as the slimy host of the deadly game show. Compared to other Arnold films, this is far from top draw.

My Rating = Two Stars

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