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Rumble in the Bronx


Roger Davidson

Rumble in the Bronx
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Martial arts star Jackie Chan spent years trying to make a breakthrough in the United States. He finally did it with this hilarious action-comedy. Chan plays a man who has come to America to visit his uncle in the Bronx. The neighborhood his uncle lives in is heavily infested with crime, and Chan must go up against a powerful street gang. He gets himself into further trouble when he crosses the path of a brutal crime syndicate, looking for diamonds believed to be on Chan's person.

This is a perfect showcase for Chan, who does most of his own stunts. His unique combination of martial arts and Buster Keaton-type slapstick, will leave you wanting to hold your breath and bust a gut laughing at the same time. I highly recommend this work from Chan, who offers a more lighthearted approach to the typical shoot-em-up, kick-em-in-the-groin action fare.

My Rating = Three Stars

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