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Rover Dangerfield


Roger Davidson

Rover Dangerfield
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Comedian Rodney Dangerfield provides the voice of Rover, a wisecracking dog who lives in Vegas, but is then booted into the countryside to fend for himself. What happens to him on his adventures in the country turn into a predictable cartoon fable. He ends up on a farm and learns to live the hard life of a country dog. He does add a few city dog touches to his boring surroundings.

The idea seems good for awhile, but even Dangerfield starts to wear down. The humor and the animation walk an unsteady line between the kiddie appeal of Don Bluth and Disney work, and the adult work of Ralph Bakshi and Japanese Anime. In other words, it can't decide what it wants to be. The really little ones might enjoy it, but they might also puzzle over some of the humor. The adults won't get much of anything out of it, save a few of Dangerfield's wiseacre jokes. In this case, you'd be much better off with Disney.

My Rating = Two Stars

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