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Roots: The Next Generation


Roger Davidson

Though criticized as being less memorable than it's highly-praised predecessor, this features a heap of great performances and is an equally well-produced achievement. Alex Haley's story of his family continues from the era of Jim Crow to the time when Haley (Played powerfully as an adult by James Earl Jones) goes to Africa in search of his roots. Among the various events shown here, they include: The quest for equal voting rights in the south; the awful trench warfare of WWI; Haley's interview with American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell (a chilling cameo by Marlon Brando); And finally, the eye-watering finale, where Haley finally finds the village where the story started.

The filmakers were able to capture the ever-changing times in great detail, with acting kudos going to Jones, Brando, Dorian Harewood and Irene Cara as Haley's parents and Richard Thomas (The Waltons), as a man who marries a black woman and pays a price for it. I'd say this is as equally good as the first miniseries, if not better.

My Rating = Four Stars

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