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Roger Davidson

Probably the highest rated miniseries of all-time, this stunning six part adaptation of Alex Haley's best-seller follows the painful struggle of Haley's family through seven generations. This film covers the first four. It starts in Africa, where Kunta Kinte (first played as a teenager by LeVar Burton, as an adult by John Amos) is snatched from his homeland and into slavery. Taken to America, he will experience (as will his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren) the harshest treatment ever experienced by black people: The constant backbreaking slave work in the fields; The revolts which are brutally crushed by white slave owners; The punishment for escape; And the cost of freedom after the Civil War, when they are set free and must deal with the newly formed Ku Klux Klan.

Full of memorable characters and heartbreaking moments, this spans over a century, through two continents and four generations as Haley's story is brought to the small screen beautifully. Burton earned his highest praise for the role of the defiant Kunta Kinte, who became a symbol of the fight for equality and the end of racism. But the problems for the descendents of Kinte do not end with the Civil War, as you will find out soon.

My Rating = Four Stars

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