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Not only is this one of the finest documentaries ever made, it is also an hysterical satiric look at corporate America. Michael Moore (The director) went back to his hometown of Flint, Michigan to record the hard times falling upon the town, thanks to the closing of various General Motors plants. The closing of the plants put nearly 40,000 people out of work and Moore got mad. So he fought back in one of the better ways that fights can be fought. With a camera! Moore also went in search of GM chairman Roger Smith, in an attempt to get Smith to realize what the closing down of the plants is doing to the workers.

Among the various people Moore meets in Flint, many who offer moments of humor and reflection, the two most memorable members of the town are the cynical deputy sheriff and the eccentric "rabbit lady", who sells rabbits as either pets or meat as a source of income. One of the most haunting images of the films (and one that was heavily attacked by General Motors as being "manipulative) shows the callousness of GM, as Chairman Smith reads A Christmas Carol at GM's annual Christmas gathering. At the same time this reading is going on, Moore shows deputies evicting a jobless GM worker and his family. Adding insult to injury, the deputies throw the family Christmas tree into the gutter with all their personal possessions. So much for a fine GM family Christmas.

Moore, one of the best satirists of today, shows the chain reaction a corporation can cause with the layoff of their work force. Crime went up in Flint; the town was named the absolute worse place to visit; and Moore's attempts to meet Roger Smith continued to fail time and time again. Roger Smith did meet him, but only for a moment, and he didn't have much time to have any substantial discussion with Moore. But despite the rather bleak ending, there is the fact that Moore did get his revenge on GM after all. This film is it. He showed what the little guy can do to the big man on top, with a little chopping down of the big guy. And he did it all his whittling with a camera and a dash of American cynicism!

My Rating = Four Stars

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