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The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Roger Davidson

Rocky Horror Picture Show, The
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Here is the film that has become the biggest cult film of all time. Nothing has topped this one in all around worship. The plot involves a mild-mannered couple (Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon), who get stranded on a deserted road, during a rain storm. They journey to a huge castle, where Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry) conducts his wild and untamed experiments. Other characters include Frank's henchman Riff Raff (Actor-Lyricist, Richard O'Brien), Riff's sister, Magenta (Pat Quinn), squeaky-voiced Columbia (Nell Campbell) and biker Eddie (Rock star, Meat Loaf).

See it in the theaters. It's a wild experience. However, watching it on video and TV, it's nothing big. It's still enjoyable and entertaining, and the performances are pretty good. The stand-outs are O'Brien, as the looney Riff Raff, Sarandon as the incredibly naive Janet Veise (oops, Weiss!) and especially Curry as the super-hip, super-wild, Frank. The film's songs aren't that bad either. My personal favorite is "Science Fiction/Double Feature". But the film should really be experienced in theaters, just for the thrill of it. The film made stars out of Curry, Sarandon and Meat Loaf. Meat Loaf was sort of famous at the time, but not as famous as after the release of this movie and subsequently his album, Bat Out of Hell. Rocky Horror is still a cool film, with or without the theater.

My Rating = Three Stars

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