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The Rock


Roger Davidson

The Rock
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One of last year's hit action blockbusters, the plot takes place at the former prison Alcatraz, where a mad General (Ed Harris) and Co. have taken the various tourists hostage. They plan to collect a huge ransom from the government, by threatening to spread a deadly nerve gas over the city of San Francisco. A special team, lead by an escapee of the rock (Sean Connery) and a chemicals expert (Nicolas Cage), is sent to do battle against these well-armed (and well-trained) foes. Unfortunately, most of the team is killed, leaving the bickering Cage and Connery to fight the good fight themselves.

I wouldn't dislike it so much, if it didn't blatantly copy from countless other mismatched-partners-take-on-the-bad-guys action pictures of recent years. This leaves the story with nothing but Connery and Cage's star power to hang on to. Even some stunts are borrowed from previous pictures (One seemed to be a complete rip-off of a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark). The plot is as unbelievable as it can get in this type of picture, and the violent actions of the characters make this film seem sick and twisted, rather than tense and exciting. This is one film that really needs to be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

My Rating = Two Stars

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