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Robocop 3


Roger Davidson

Robocop 3
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The second sequel story of the box-office hit centers around Robocop's joining a rebel group against a gestapo-like police force named OCP, who are forcing impoverished people out of their homes, and destroying their lives. Well, the violence of the first two have been toned down, but the action and the spectacle are toned down as well. The first Robocop was a spoof on comic book themes. This one is just a comic book. There are some funny moments involving Robocop (played this time by the wooden Robert Burke) and a Japanese android, but that's about it. The special effects are FAR from special. In one scene, where Robocop is supposed to be flying, you can see the strings that are holding him up. Let's just hope they've put a plug in this series.

My Rating = Three Stars

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