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Road To Wellville


Roger Davidson

Road To Wellville
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The story here takes place at the Battle Creek Sanitarium in 1907, run by the man that is now known as the worlds greatest quack, John Kellog (Anthony Hopkins). A young couple (Matthew Broderick and Bridget Fonda) come to the sanitarium to get some much needed rest and exercise. The humor is rather scattershot throughout the entire film. It's too much like Keystone Cops slapstick. Plus, the bowel humor gets to be a little annoying, as does the totally unfunny performance by Dana Carvey as Hopkins adopted son who looks like a survivor from Auschwitz. The only redeeming factor is that it has good sets. In fact, the settings are far funnier than the actors. This is a film you definitely want to miss when your at the video store.

My Rating = One Star

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