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Richie Rich


Roger Davidson

Richie Rich
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Based on the popular comic strip about the world's richest kid, there could never be a more non-energenic kids film than this. Macauley Culkin (14 at the time) is desperately trying to hold on to his former cuteness, but fails miserably. If you really care to know about the plot, I will tell you that it involves an attempt to take over the Rich family's wealth and power. This campaign is promoted by a sneaky-weasel-of-a-businessman (John Larroquette, who never looked more bored).

A waste of a good cast (Laroquette, Edward Herrmann as Richie's Father) and a real over-all bow-wow-yawn. Culkin has his formula as well, but it was used up a long time ago. If you want to enjoy the character of Richie Rich more, I suggest you buy one of the comic books. At least, you'll be getting your money's worth.

My Rating = One Star

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