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Roger Davidson

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Anybody could have done a better spoof of The Exorcist than the filmakers of this garbage produced. Having Linda Blair make fun of her role in the classic horror film, seems to be more novelty then brilliant idea. For those who wish to even comprehend the "plot", it involves an adult Blair being possessed by the same demon that took hold of her body when she was a child. So, her family calls in a bumbling priest (Leslie Nielsen) to drive the creature out of her essence. Meanwhile, the demon is being exploited by a Jim Baker-type of TV evangelist (Ned Beatty), who's into exorcism for the money of course.

Blair has absolutely no comic talent, and Nielsen seems to always fit in better in his Naked Gun films, than in convoluted comedies like this. There are also far too many sight gags which fall flat, and comic talent that doesn't live up to the expectations of the viewer. See the original horror classic for a more interesting (and scary) experience.

My Rating = One Star

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