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Reality Bites


Roger Davidson

Reality Bites
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Yet another product of the Generation X fad. Believe me when I say that it's just a fad. It's not going to last very much longer. The story is as follows. Winona Ryder plays a college grad who is making a documentary about life after college. She is also going through a relationship crisis. She has to chose between an ultra-cool musician (Ethan Hawke) and a young businessman (actor-director Ben Stiller) who happens to be interested in her documentary. I must say that this is lame-o central. The time span which Gen-X was born was between 1965 and 1980. I was born just a year before 1980, making me at least some part of Gen-X, but this movie doesn't have any relation to my life or any of my friends lives (some of my friends are closer to the age group in this film, and they couldn't relate to it at all).

Ryder is good, but you have to wonder why she would chose such an asshole like Hawke over Stiller, who turns out to be a nice guy. Janeane Garafolo is the only stand-out as Ryder's best friend. She seems to get all the good lines. My point is this. I think that this was almost totally unrealistic. The basic message is simple. The youth of Gen-X doesn't like the world they're getting. Don't stop those presses. Most people of Gen-X, Baby Busters, whatever biased word you'd like to use, aren't people with short attention spans, working in Burger King. Most are just hard working people who have the same hopes and dreams as the Baby Boomers did. Reality Bites sure doesn't show such hope. All it shows is that you can rebel against your Dad by overspending on his gas card.

My Rating = Two Stars

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