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Roger Davidson

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The first of two Robert Altman films reviewed this week, this followed such hits as "The Player" and "Short Cuts". Once again, Altman tears apart a certain industry. Namely, the fashion industry. the story follows 20 characters through a bunch of fashion shows in Paris. Some of the characters include a man who is sought after by the police (Marcello Mastroianni) for murder. Two rival reporters who are covering the same story and seem to spend most of the movie sleeping with each other. Three fashion magazine columnists who are trying to get the story on a world-famous fashion photographer (Stephen Rea).

Though it's not Altman's best, it certainly is Altman. Altman has a certain perverse sense of humor that isn't for all tastes, but he is definitely one of the master film directors. The funniest performance in the film is from Mastroianni. The scenes between him and fellow Italian actor Sophia Loren are the gems of the film. There is a running gag that gets a little tiresome after awhile, but one that you can overlook. The settings and the fashion shows are well filmed and the actors work well together. Still, if you want a excellent Altman film, stay for the next review.

My Rating = Three Stars

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