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Raising Arizona


Roger Davidson

Raising Arizona
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An extremely funny comedy, set in the desert state of Arizona. An ex-con (Nicholas Cage, in an incredibly flaky character) and his wife, a police officer (Holly Hunter), who falls in love with him while taking his mug shots, decide to kidnap a baby, after Hunter finds out she can't have one herself. They steal one of a group of quintuplets and find that raising a baby isn't as easy as it seems. Considering that this baby is stolen, the child raising experience doesn't become much easier anyway.

Plus, there are two other major problems the couple must deal with. One is Cage's old prison buddies (John Goodman and William Forsythe), who have escaped from prison and decide to kidnap the baby themselves and use the infant in a bank robbery. The other problem involves a dirty bounty hunter (Randall "Tex" Cobb) on a motorcycle, who will stop at nothing to get the baby back. He even goes as far as trying to kill Cage and Hunter. Now I'll admit, the premise doesn't exactly sound like the feel-good movie of the year. However, the Coen's combination of awesome chase scenes, side-splitting site gags and the usual assortment of oddball characters make this one an TRUE enjoyable experience. My favorite characters are the inept crooks, Goodman and Forsythe. If you don't like much else about this movie, you'll still like these guys!

My Rating = Four Stars

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