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Raiders of the Lost Ark


Roger Davidson

Raiders of the Lost Ark
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Steven Spielberg's tribute to classic movie serials, Harrison Ford stars as Indiana Jones, archaeologist, adventurer and globe-trotter extraordinaire. His quest is to find the lost ark of the covenant (remember your Old Testament) and to get it out of the hands of the Nazis. But he just can't seem to avoid spine-chilling danger every step of the way. Still, he's always up to the challenge, as is his sidekick-lady fair (Karen Allen), who's tougher than she lets on to be.

A perfect throwback to all those cliffhanger serials of the 1930's and 1940's, although this film manages to be much better. Ford offers one of his best roles next to Han Solo, as the adventurer who cannot be tamed by anyone. The visuals (special effects, art direction, cinematography) give the perfect feel of an old serial, while Spielberg holds the proceedings together with his usual magic touch. It has enough story for FIVE movies.

My Rating = Four Stars

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