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Radio Flyer


Roger Davidson

Radio Flyer
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A major lesson in what to do wrong on a children's film, the story involves two young brothers (Elijah Wood and Joseph Mazzello), who try to survive life with their abusive stepfather. Their solution to this problem is probably going to keep them in therapy for the next few years. The way out seems through a fantasy, which involves their Radio Flyer wagon. It's an idea that will certainly get them killed. Oh well. Some people think suicide is the way out of a family crisis such as this one.

The film tries hard to be upbeat, but most of the time it's an incoherent, depressing mess. Mazzello and Wood are alright, but they don't seem up to the challenge of playing abused youngsters. And the fantasy is so ludicrous, it's indescribable! The script seems like something Spielberg thought about filming, and then decided to throw away into the shredder, never to be seen or heard from again. No matter how hard the filmakers try, it's an idea that just doesn't seem to gel on screen.

My Rating = One Star

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