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The Quiet Man


Roger Davidson

The Quiet Man
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John Ford's tribute to Irish-Americans, this great comedy-drama stars John Wayne (at his most appealing) as a retired boxer, who returns to his native Ireland to settle down and finds trouble in the form of the hulking Will Danaher (Victor McLaglen). Things go from bad to worse, when Wayne falls in love with McLaglen's feisty sister (Maureen O'Hara), which causes the bullheaded lout to try and pick a fight with Wayne.

Surly a triumph for Ford and the actors involved. The moments in here, like in most Ford films, are beautifully filmed giving this an epic feel. The best acting comes from McLaglen's portrayal of a man that is a bit thick-headed, but who still remains lovable. Stay for the climax. It's a real dandy!

My Rating = Four Stars

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