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The Quick and the Dead


Roger Davidson

Quick and the Dead, The
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The most recent work by Raimi, a supposed spoof of the spaghetti westerns. It takes place in a small desert town, where a contest is taking place. The corrupt sheriff (Gene Hackman) is the most likely to win, since he's the fastest and one of the few gunslingers that doesn't brag and just does it. However, he might have met his match in a female stranger (Sharon Stone) who has come back to the town for a purpose. There is also an ex-gunfighter turned priest (Russell Crowe) who is forced to compete in the contest. Hackman's own son (Leonardo DeCaprio), a braggart, is also in the contest. He is only entering the contest to earn Hackman's respect.

The things really going for this film are the fancy camera shots, the over-the-top music, and some fine performances from Stone and Hackman. Hackman is a good bad guy (as always) and Stone is pretty convincing as a Clint Eastwood type. She looks and acts tough enough to hold the film together for a long time. But the fact is that it really isn't a spoof until the last 20 minutes of the film. The seriousness of the first part of the film doesn't bother me as much as the fact that the acting isn't very good during that first part. My conclusion: Raimi has a long way to go before he gets a four star hit.

My Rating = Two Stars

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