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Psycho II


Roger Davidson

Psycho II
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This is the second review for a Psycho movie. Like most sequels, this doesn't amount to much compared to the original. You're probably saying to yourselves', "Of course it's not going to add up to much. How could any sequel match up to the first one?" Well to be honest with you it's actually a pretty suspenseful film through the first half. Anthony Perkins returns as Norman Bates who returns from the sanitarium after 23 years. He decides to (surprise, surprise) re-open the motel and move back into his Gothic mansion. But soon murders start happening and they start blaming him. But he swears he's innocent.

That's the good part. The bad part is that during the second half, the film starts using slasher film gore to add to excitement, but it really adds to boredom. The performances are pretty wooden except for Perkins' performance. He knows Norman so well by now that there really wasn't any other part but this. The supporting characters are part of the many flaws in this film. You can catch Dennis Franz of NYPD Blue fame in an early role as the new motel manager, but that's the only good thing about the cast other than Perkins.

Trust me on this. If you want to see a good Psycho film, see the original.

My Rating = Two Star

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