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Problem Child


Roger Davidson

Problem Child
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The movie that nobody ever asked for. This excruciating "comedy", a send-up of The Bad Seed, is about as funny as slamming your nuts in a sliding glass door. If you even care about the plot, here goes: It involves the stupidest couple in America (John Ritter and Amy Yasbeck) adopting the world's meanest kid (Michael Oliver). After an amusing opener, this goes downhill fast! The onslaught of gross sight gags and repulsive "humor" would make even Beavis and Butt-Head run away in disgust. There's only one place this should have gone. That would be down the toilet and into the ocean from whence it came hopefully reincarnated into a movie that doesn't waste the movie goer's time. But alas! This does not happen as you will see in tomorrow's review.

My Rating = One Star

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