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Pretty Woman


Roger Davidson

Pretty Woman
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The smash box-office hit is neither better nor worse than your typical Hollywood fantasy. Julia Roberts portrays a Hollywood hooker, who is picked up by a successful businessman (Richard Gere). Gere becomes rather smitten with her, so he asks her to be his "beck-and-call" girl for a week. At the end if the week he will pay her $3,000. Roberts accepts the offer. Now she must become a lady practically overnight. And she does it quite well.

Yes, I'll admit the story is a little preposterous, but Roberts charm and the great supporting cast make the movie. Hector Elizondo is especially good as the patient hotel manager, who helps Roberts become a mature sophisticated woman. Gere however could have tried to stay awake for at least two minutes. Other than Gere's performance, I think this a pretty cool flick.

My Rating = Three Stars

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