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Roger Davidson

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What was meant to be a simple little Russian film, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Russian Revolution of 1905, became an international movie classic. The tale revolves around the battleship "Potemkin" and the mutiny of its crew. The ship's sleeping quarters are overcrowded and the food is full of maggots. When the ship's doctor states that the maggot covered meat is perfectly edible, that's the last straw for the crew. The revolution is on!

Pure cinematic genius. Sergei Eisenstein, one of Russia's greatest filmakers, made a true masterpiece that is universal in it's appeal. One of the most famous scenes in film history, the "Odessa steps" sequence, is here and it has been lovingly parodied and imitated in films ranging from Woody Allen's Bananas to Brian De Palma's The Unotuchables. There is plenty of action and great visuals for the eyes. Don't miss a moment!

My Rating = Four Stars

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