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The Postman


Roger Davidson

The Postman
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A recent Academy award nominee for best picture, this touching story centers on an Italian postman (Massimo Troisi), who acquires lessons on love from famed Nobel prize winning romantic poet, Pablo Neruda (Philippe Noiret). These lessons lead to some sardonically funny moments, but also create a special bond between the simple Troisi and the highly educated Noiret. Their association becomes more then just a teacher to student relationship. They become life-long friends, who have an understanding trust for one another, and a belief that both will succeed one day in life.

The movie ends on a rather sad note, considering the well-known fact of the brilliant actor Massimo Troisi's death during the making of this film. However, despite his obvious on-screen ailment, he pulls off his performance flawlessly and gives us a magnificent last performance. The script is both humorous and sad, for you can tell that Troisi had the talent to break through to American audiences. He did do it somewhat, but he died without ever receiving that acclaim personally. But this performance, his last, will remind us of all the hard work and amazing devotion he put into his work on this film, and of the brilliant result. This showing will remain his greatest triumph and will insure the endurance of his legacy as an actor on countless generations to come.

My Rating = Four Stars

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