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Roger Davidson

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Mario Van Peebles attempts to update the Western to the politically correct times, introducing black cowboys to the genre. Van Peebles stars as a Clint Eastwood type gunslinger, who with a band of deserters from the Spanish-American war, settles The West. It's not easy, what with a racist sheriff and a vengeful Colonel (Billy Zane, in the most over-the-top performance of his career) in hot pursuit.

Filmed with flashy cinematography, "name" actors and clever cameos, this film still doesn't overcome the silly storyline and laughably cliched dialogue. The best acting in the film doesn't come from director-star Van Peebles, but his father, acclaimed director-actor Melvin in a delightful cameo as a kind of updating of the Gabby Hayes role in Westerns. This isn't a perfect Western, but if you're in the mood for some generally cheerful silliness, it's the perfect film for you.

My Rating = Two Stars

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