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Point of No Return


Roger Davidson

Point of No Return
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A scene-for-scene remake of La Femme Nikita, this one doesn't come off quite as well as its predecessor. The story is the same, so I'm not going to get into describing it again. This time, the Nikita character is portrayed by Bridget Fonda. The problems start with the complete lack of feeling among many of the characters. They seem to lack any other emotion besides anger. It only picks up after Fonda meets the handsome young man (Dermot Mulroney), and even then, there is very little passion. The action is good, but the film itself is basically another Hollywood formulaic production. The only two really good actors in this are Fonda (who takes to the Nikita role quite nicely), and Harvey Keitel as a cleaner (an assassin sent to clean up other assassin's screw-ups), who adds real grit to a film totally lacking of it anywhere else.

My Rating = Two Stars

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