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Roger Davidson

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Disney has made a huge comeback in the past few years with films like "The Little Mermaid", "Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin" and "The Lion King". The films they made before these excellent films were pure crap (How many of you remember "The Aristocats")! "Pocahontas" is a little of both. The film has action, romance and the typical Disney moral of "Love conquers all". Disney also makes a very interesting story out of the fact that this is their first animated film based on a real person. The plot is that settlers from England have come to claim the new world but decide to make war against the Indians who already live on the land. Pocahontas is the voice of reason. Newcomer Irene Bedard makes a strong debut as the voice of Pocahontas. The biggest star in the cast is Mel Gibson as explorer John Smith, the man who befriends and eventually falls in love with Pocahontas. There are also animals in the film, but they don't talk, though they do outshine the human characters from time to time (a couple of the m, Meeko, a raccoon and Persy, a dog, have the best moments in the film).

These are the good parts. The major flaws in this are the godawful songs. I don't mean to be insulting but, all except for one song, the music is worthless. It has as much harmony as a "Vanilla Ice" soundtrack. The songs didn't have a good Broadway flavor like "Beauty and the Beast" and "Aladdin", or the Caribbean and African beats of "Mermaid" and "Lion King". The story has more drama and comedy to offer than the songs will ever do. The basic point is that the film, in four simple words, ain't no "Lion King". Still, it has everything to offer of the last four films, except for the songs, and Pocahontas is a strong heroine. Mel actually sings his own songs and he isn't half bad. Now, if they could have just given him something more to work with. "Pocahontas" is still better than any kids' movies that have come out by far. Let's just hope that the next film will be complete with a good story and good songs.

My Rating = Three Stars

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