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There are four films of Tim Robbins I really like. "Shawshank Redemption", "Cadillac Man" and two Robert Altman films, "Short Cuts" and this. An incredibly good satire on Hollywood life, the story centers around Robbins (and the 65 cameo guest stars) as a Hollywood executive who is being pressed for a new film and, at the same time, is getting death threats from an unknown writer. He eventually kills the writer (Vincent D'Onofrio) he suspects sent him these letters and starts going out with the writer's girlfriend (Greta Scacchi), possibly out of guilt for killing her boyfriend.

The cast is excellent and it's also got a great supporting cast. Peter Gallagher as Robbins' rival in the film industry. Fred Ward, who seems to be expanding his incredible acting range, as the head of studio security. Whoopi Goldberg has rarely been better as the detective in charge of solving the murder of the writer. And Cynthia Stevenson as Robbins faithful assistant and sometime lover who gets destroyed by the greediness of Hollywood. The film attacks Hollywood like no other film has ever attacked Hollywood, and the best part is knowing that Altman did it. The story also has a lot of old film references for film buffs, including myself. Altman made a comeback after nearly 17 years of doing bombs like Popeye and Beyond Therapy. A must see film for the film lover and for people who despise the Hollywood system.

My Rating = Four Star

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