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Pink Flamingos


Roger Davidson

Pink Flamingos
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John Waters cult classic tribute to filth was recently released for its 25th anniversary. The film's shocking images are still very potent after all that time. Divine-Waters frequent star-plays Babs Johnson, "The filthiest person alive", who finds that title challenged by the equally vile couple, The Marbles (Mink Stole and David Lochary). The various images include Divine stashing a hunk of meat in her (his?) crotch, The Marbles servant raping kidnapped women with syringes and the notorious final scene, which involves Divine eating stuff we usually scrape off our shoes.

Certainly not the feel-good movie of the year, but the film has many merits. The hysterically outlandish visuals and images keep you from gagging, and tickles your funny bones in ways you never thought possible. The acting is delightfully over-the-top, with Divine at his wonderful peak, as he does things no other actor in their right mind would think of doing. Only Waters could make bad taste and ugliness into an art form.

My Rating = Four Stars

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