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Pet Sematary II


Roger Davidson

Pet Sematary II
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An extreme case of bad movie making shows up here in this gross and awfully stupid film. This film was notorious for being trashed in advance by Stephen King, the author of the first novel and film. The story revolves around a kid, played by Edward Furlong (Brainscan), who just lost his mother to a horrible accident and has moved to the same town where the first one took place. You really don't need to know much more than that because it's the same old story. The film makers try and find grisly ways for people (and animals) to die and bring them back to life to do what? To kill more people! Not much of a surprise there. Clancy Brown might have been the guy to save this sinking ship of a movie, as the local sheriff brought back from the dead, but even he can't stay afloat all the mean-spirited feeling of the entire movie.

My Rating = One Star

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