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Pet Sematary


Roger Davidson

Pet Sematary
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Stephen King has had his stories mangled by filmakers before, but this cheesy excuse for a horror film doesn't even bother to leave it at mangling. It goes for the jugular and then slowly waits for the story to die. By the end, it does. The story has to do with a couple, who discover a creepy cemetery for dead animals. Beyond that is the place where "the dead walk". When tragedy strikes them, thanks to linkage of an on-coming semi-truck and the couple's young son's position on the road, the father (Dale Midkiff) decides that maybe he should use the spirit of the "forbidden" animal bone yard in hopes of compelling his child's come back from the great beyond. "Horror" results from dad's actions.

Stephen King's darkest novel (and one of his most fantastic) is turned into a Friday the 13th clone. The characters are treated like pieces of meat, set up to be sliced and diced by zombie kids and pets. King at least gave the characters feelings and made them interesting. Here, they're just a bunch of unimportant cardboard dummies. They're just too many things wrong with this. Important characters and scenes from the book have been cut out, and new (and ludicrous) scenes and dialogue are added in. I bet even King couldn't believe the final result. For those of you who like seeing films like this, great news! There's a sequel that's even dumber and more incoherent than the first.

My Rating = One Star

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