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Roger Davidson

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One of the best screen biographies ever made, with George C. Scott extremely memorable as the energetic (and slightly mad) General George S. Patton. The story follows him through his triumphs in North Africa, Italy and the Ardennes, as well as relate his rivalry with British Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery (Michael Bates).

Filmed with amazing grandeur, this motion picture captures both the glory and insanity of war. Some of the best scenes include Scott's sermon at the beginning, where he states bluntly and with his usual force to his troops what horrors they are going to have to face in the ensuing battles. Karl Malden is equally fine as Omar N. Bradley, possibly Patton's only friend. But Scott is the one to truly watch for, as he merges with the role and becomes Patton. This is one of the few films that sheds a positive and negative light on the armed forces, all in the same movie.

My Rating = Four Stars

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